The Bumper Bot is offering a very lucrative investment opportunity to anyone who wishes to grow with our exciting new product. Please contact us if you see the potential here and wish to join us for the ride. The opportunity is tremendous and the rewards will be as well.



Heavy Duty Metal Housing

The Bumper Bot’s heavy duty metal housing contains three ultrasonic proximity sensors, 105 db. piezo siren and circuitry in a single piece of hardware. It’s compact, discreet and no wider than your license plate. The Bumper Bot’s sensors are placed at multiple angles to maximize protection and the sensitivity is adjustable, so you decide how close is too close.

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The Super Bright LED Displays

This is the coolest part of the Bumper Bot. The LEDs display a bright reading that drivers can’t miss! It’s bright, it’s very attractive and it’s easy to read and understand. The purpose becomes clear right away! As a driver approaches your car, the LEDs fill in from the outside toward the middle, making it abundantly clear that they are displaying the driver’s distance to your car. As we filmed the demo video, we can’t tell you how many people stopped to look and actually waited through GREEN lights just to see the device work as we filmed. These lights also use very little power even after extended use.

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Put it all together and you have the best way to protect your bumpers – the Bumper Bot. It’s bright, it’s loud, and you can leave it on for weeks with virtually zero drain on your battery. When someone pulls too close to your car, the Bumper Bot makes it very clear to them. Though the Bumper Bot turns off automatically after a while when someone stays too close, we will be sure to make them feel as if they are unreasonably close to your car for a long time! They’ll get it. Oh, trust us, they’ll get it!

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A: The Bumper Bot is a very efficient, low-draw electronic device. The sensors take up no more electricity than a dash clock. The lights and siren never stay on longer than a minute, but could potentially work for days without significantly draining your battery.

A: If someone parks too close and stays, the Bumper Bot will reset into standby (live) mode in about a minute. The lights will reactivate as soon as any motion is detected.

A: Not unless they’re sleeping under your car. The Bumper Bot’s siren is a tiny piezo-electronic siren that’s loud up close, but the sound doesn’t carry through walls. You’ll hear it in the next car or on the sidewalk, but you really shouldn’t sleep on the sidewalk.

A: Yes. If you place the lights where they can be seen (which is practically anywhere because they’re very bright), the device will work in the reverse gear and for 30 seconds after the reverse gear has been disengaged.

A: The Bumper Bot is easier to install than a remote starter. Most people can do it themselves. An automotive electronics shop or repair shop shouldn’t charge you more than an hour’s labor to install a Bumper Bot.